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QHHT Reviews

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I was having constant pain radiating from the back of my neck down my arm and into my hand.  After MRI’s and x-rays, I was told I had severe cervical spinal stenosis – a condition where a build up of calcium along the spinal column leads to the nerve’s passageway to narrow or constrict, causing radiating pain down the arm or leg depending on the area of the spine affected.  Pain medication was not working and the only medical solution was surgery on the spine.  I was warned that many doctors will not perform cervical surgery because of the danger of complications. 

I had seen Sharon for other issues and she suggested that I might want to do a QHHT session – a process where I could learn the underlying cause of my condition, and possibly gain healing. I was relieved to learn that there might be a way to get relief from my pain other than dangerous surgery. Sharon coached me on ways to improve the experience, and at all times I felt safe and relaxed.  It was an amazing experience. 

I was able to go deeper and deeper into my subconscious uncovering answers to my questions.  I was sent home with a recording of the session which is a very valuable element of this technique because at my leisure and in a private way I can hear exactly what happened during the session.  You may think you remember everything, but that is usually not the case.

My pain is all but gone and I can go about my daily routines easily.  It didn’t happen the day of the session, but gradually over the next few days and weeks.  I would highly recommend this technique as a possible alternative to more invasive medical procedures. It is worth a try!

Judie Y.
Albuquerque, NM

Dear Sharon,I wish to thank you so much for our recent QHHT session.  Though I didn’t have any urgent or specific needs or direction at that time, the encounter provided incredible validation and new enlightenment regarding spiritual work I’ve been pursuing for at least 40 years.  As you know, I’m a fairly well grounded and content individual and might not fit the need for “classic” hypnotic suggestion to “change my mind” about issues.  Your professional guidance and respect for my need to be responsible for my behaviors and activities allowed me to maintain my integrity and satisfy my curiosity with trust and interdependence.Because of some revelations realized during the session and even more so in the weeks that followed, I am pleased to feel more comfortable in taking some unexpected risks in my upcoming retirement.  Your facilitation of the QHHT format/technique has great potential for opening doors of self exploration, growth and understanding for spiritual seekers.Once again, thank you,
Cynthia C.
Albuquerque, NM